Learn Yoga


This retreat has been created to be experienced as a holistic fitness week - manufactured to focus on weight loss as it heals the body, mind and spirit.


At the core of our retreat program are 5 yoga sessions for beginners. Teachings are shared in a supportive environment that invites exploration and encourages personal growth during our women only retreat.


Throughout the week we explore poses and traditional yogic practices that will enliven and strengthen your body’s 7 chakras, that are known in the yoga philosophy as the body’s energy centres.


Working from the base up to the crown chakra each day will clear out old energy and support the holding of a new higher level of consciousness and awakening of your inner goddess!


Yoga is beneficial and can be enjoyed by all women, no matter what age, size or fitness level. We tailor our yoga programs to your personal needs with our highly experienced yoga teacher by providing modifications for each yoga pose (asana) to suit everyone’s ability.


We offer a range of transformational Vinyasa flow classes encouraging growth and positivity through an engaging light hearted atmosphere where anything is possible.




Our meditation workshops are geared towards beginners (even the most stubborn among you) to help peel away the layers of the busy mind and find a warm sense of self-worth. This is not all 'woo-woo', it really does work. 


Meditation will be a crucial part of the Retreat in order to change your life and fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. 

You'll go home knowing how to meditate, with the knowledge, technique and also desire to make this a priority in your life. 


Your mind must arrive at your destination before your body does. By learning and practicing meditation daily, you will reap so many benefits that extend to all facets of life - our relationships, confidence, wisdom, compassion, sincerity, love, respect, creativity and insight.


I truly believe this will be the most surprising part of your stay with us and the most eye-opening.