Fat Girl Getting Fit


The author of the famous blog Fat Girl Getting Fit will be your retreat leader.


After a decade of yo-yo dieting and suffering from an eating disorder, I became my heaviest at almost 17 stone. I struggled to lose weight and stay motivated which left me feeling down and depressed.

In 2016 I decided enough was enough, I couldn’t feel like this any longer. I needed to become fitter, stronger and healthier. Binge eating and month long spirals of feeling worse and worse about myself really needed to stop.

Using knowledge and understanding from nutrition courses, HIIT workouts and high street diets I created a plan for myself to stick to. I researched thoroughly into mindset issues and what it takes to stay motivated for longer. I needed something that would put an end to my yo-yo dieting as I was fed up of losing weight and then piling it back on.

After following my plan for just 3 months, I lost 3 stone achieving incredible results and feeling so much better in my own skin.

After blogging about my progress, the Fat Girl Getting Fit brand was born. Nothing spurred me on more than having thousands of like-minded women cheering me on and being those all-important accountability partners.  

I was inundated with messages from thousands of women asking how I had done it, how I stay motivated and if I could help them too. 

Since sharing my plan I have helped thousands of women lose weight and keep it off. My absolute passion is helping and inspiring others, and I can’t wait for you to join me here in Bali as I help you with yours.

Rosie x