Travel FAQs


Whats the weather like in Bali?

Bali is a tropical island so you’d expect nothing less than warm, sunny and sometimes humid weather.


Despite having 2 very distinct seasons (dry and wet), the average temperate is consistent at a top of 29-32°C year-round. 


You will find the mountains to be a little cooler at an average 27°C during the day.

Do I need a VISA to enter Bali?

Indonesia has a free 30-Day  visa (tourist visa). Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months or else Indonesia will NOT allow you into the country and your airline will NOT let you on the plane. 

Do I need immunisations when travelling to Bali?

As you are staying in a civilised, built up area (Canggu) and staying in clean accommodation you will be fine.

Can I drink tap water?

No! Always drink bottled or filtered water. 99% of restaurants in Bali use bottled water for all cooking purposes and it is advisable to drink and brush teeth with bottled water to avoid 'Bali Belly' - a mild dysentery which can occur but passes in a few days.

What about health care and insurance?

There are plenty of international medical clinics in Bali.

It is strongly advised that you have international medical insurance to cover your costs should you need to go to hospital.


What About Credit Cards, Cash, Exchange Rates and Money Changers?

Theres ATMs all around the island, some international bank cards work better with certain local ATMs, always try to use the ATMs outside banks, as they have CCTV installed and are the safest.

Most local shops only take cash, but western restaurants take debit and credit cards mainly VISA.

Money Changers are also in every town or city so you shouldn't have any issues exchanging your money if you bring GBP or any other currency.

The exchange rate is approximately  1 GBP = 18.000 IDR (INDONESIAN RUPIAH)